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五一国际劳动节(另外,m应该大写,即:May) 而Mayday (有时人写成may day)是飞机无线电等呼救信号,就是“救我/救命”的意思,来自法语 M'aidez! (help me!)

中国说法和美国说法。‍ 资本主义国家不庆祝"五一劳动节"的,因此要么说五.一"May day" 。如果你一定要说,就说"国际工人节" international worker's day 不然老外不懂。如果用"labor day"就不恰当了。在美国labor day是九月份,如果你对美...

May Day是国际劳动节,又称五一国际劳动节、国际示威游行日。它定在每年的五月一日,是全世界劳动人民共同拥有的节日。 五一国际劳动节源于美国芝加哥城的工人大罢工。1886年5月1日,芝加哥的216816名工人为争取实行八小时工作制而举行大罢工,...

May Day is Labour Day. We will have a three-day holiday. I plan to wake up early in the morning to get some exercises. When get back from sports, I will spend a few time on readings. In the afternoon, I will play computer games...


来自法语 M'aidez! (help me!) 即“救命”/“就我” 流传到英文国家 因为不懂法语阿 所以改成 May day!(因发音相似) 也就代表 SOS

when is the may day 五一节什么时候 when is the may day 五一节什么时候 when is the may day 五一节什么时候 when is the may day 五一节什么时候

是的,美国叫“劳工节” 今年是九月七号,九月份的第一个星期一

维基上就有啊 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_Day#Traditional_May_Day_celebrations May Day on May 1 is an ancient Northern Hemisphere spring festival and usually a public holiday;[1] it is also a traditional spring holiday in m...

I woke up at seven o'clock in the morning. I ate my breakfast and did my homework. At ten o'clock, my friend Tom came to see me. We went to the park together. There was a large pond in the park. Some beautiful ducks were swimmi...

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