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原文:body language Debbie and Simon have part-time jobs at a travel agency.It is Saturday morning and they are sitting in the office.Debbie and Simon looked up as a well-dressed lady entered.The lady glanced at them both,then walked over to

你好!the successful language learner成功的语言学习者

语言交际礼仪 原文: etiquette in language communication

body language 中文翻译就是:肢体语言.

没有这个单词,根据您的拼下来看,考虑应是:lady lady 英[ledi] 美[ledi] n. (指成年女子,有些人尤其是长者认为这样说比较礼貌) 女士; (不尊重的非正式称呼) 女人; (在英国对女贵族或贵族成员的妻子女儿或爵士妻子的称呼) 夫人; 举止文雅且有教养的女子; [例句]She's a very sweet old lady 她是一位很和蔼的老太太.[其他] 复数:ladies

He sacrificed his life to defend the dignity of the country.

a report on body language一场关于肢体语言的报告

language focus是“语言焦点”的意思

language presentation语言表达,语言呈现 This paper systematically references various classical theories to discuss a new teaching method for business English-a language presentation method from the following aspects: the theoretic basis, the

"Learning a language is easy. Even a child can do it!" Most adults who are learning a second language would disagree with this statement. For them, learning a language is a very difficult task. They need hundreds of hours of study and practice,

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