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how wE CAn 的同义词

how to do it .【怎么做它】望采纳!谢谢!

how can we cook

how can we 是疑问句语序 例如:How can we get to the post office?how we can 是陈述句语序,常用于从句中.例如:Would you please tell us how we can get to the post office.【俊狼猎英】团队为您解答.

how to 都可以改写成 how sb.can比如说:how to learn 同义句是:how we can learn

how to get to.?how to reach..?which is the way to?how can i get to.?how can i arrive at.?

we must learn how to forget problems

同义句为:can you tell us how to find the way?望采纳,谢谢

如果是同义词的话,shall we 是好吗的意思,will you 也是这个意思.只是用法不一样.shall we 是let's的反义疑问句用法,而will you 是let us的反义疑问句用法!

see做理解翻译:we can't understand ;see做看见翻译:We are not able to see/ are't capable of seeing

你好!we don't know how to get to the station.填how to get to打字不易,采纳哦!

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