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go By的详细用法

go by 英 基本释义1.时光流逝 2.顺便走访 3.判断 1.时光流逝 Time went by slowly. 时间慢慢逝去。 2.顺便走访 She was in when I went by yesterday. 我昨天顺便去看她时, 她正好在家。 I had a long chat with her when I went by her house t...

1.go by和pass by是同义短语,都可指"经过"(某处),go by是动词+副词结构,意为"从......旁边经过"。 2.pass by意为"经过,通过,从......旁边经过",指经过人或物的面前或旁边而不停顿,也不注意所经过的人或物是谁。pass意为"经过",指在人或...

go by以哪种方式进展/去 go round到处闲逛 go off 下车 离开go along 沿着。。走/去

as the years go on随着岁月的流逝 如:As the years go on, we grow both wiser and sadder.随着岁月的流逝,我们变聪明了,也变得多愁善感了。 as the years go by日久天长;年深日久 如: I've been getting fasterattheyearsgoby. 随着岁月...

I go there by bus.

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