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any updates on below 在以下的任何更新 如对你有所帮助, 请采纳或给予好评, 如有其他疑问, 可以向我求助, O(∩_∩)O谢谢

Have you any update for following mail? have做系动词时 疑问句have 前置 不用加助动词do

感谢您在百忙之中回复我的邮件,我从新更新了一下订单...I have updated the order, and your help on ...Should there be any other problem, do not ...

grant execute on DBMS_LOCK to vpetl;回车,出现“Grant succeeded.”表示给...grant insert any table,update any table to vpetl;回车,出现“Grant ...

SELECT d.*,pm.label, ( SELECT COUNT(*) from (select js,jifen from deal where uid=m.id and time>DATE_FORMAT(time,'$Y-$d-$m') and ...

是keep you updated.因为keep是动词,update也是动词,动词后面不能直接动词,要把第二个动词变成动名词,所以update变成了updated.

Please keep us posted = please keep us updated 若有新消息,请告诉我们~ 有动静要告诉我们~

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