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Jimmy Smith的《SummErtimE》 歌词

歌曲名:Summertime歌手:Jimmy Smith专辑:Milestone ProfilesAaron Carter - Summertime (Feat. Baha Men)Grab your stuff and lets all go outsideBang your head to this tune in your rideLeavin' all your cares right behindFor the

歌曲名:Summertime歌手:Will Smith专辑:Greatest HitsNew Kids On The Block -- SummertimeJones Beach 1988. Come on!Do you remember,Or should I rewind,To that summer when you caught my eye,I played it cool,The weather was hot,You

歌曲名:Summertime歌手:英国皇家管弦乐团专辑:Plays The ShowsSummer Rain快刮风快发疯下点雨来点轻松车发动雷电交错直觉要我笔直前行我不要再回头我不要再迷惑不要再替你圆谎你原来爱的是我Doo~DudDudDoo~离开你下雨快

歌曲名:Summertime歌手:Hank Crawford&Jimmy McGriff专辑:Road TestedAaron Carter - Summertime (Feat. Baha Men)Grab your stuff and lets all go outsideBang y

歌曲名:Summertime歌手:The Sundays专辑:Static And SilenceDo some people wind up with the one that they adorein a heart-shaped hotel room it's what a heart is forthe bubble floats so madly will it stay sky-high?Hello partner, kiss your name

你好!Will smith(威尔.史密斯)的 Summertime 是说唱的出自专辑《Greatest Hits》 不知道你说的是不是这个,听听看希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

Tamas wells 的Valder field 歌词应该是almost dry 听起来像summertime~~你听听是这首么

歌曲名:That'S All歌手:Jimmy McGriff专辑:Mcgriff'S House PartyMichael Buble---That\'s AllAlbum: Michael BubleI can only give you loveThat lasts foreverAnd a promise to be near each time you call.And the only heart I ownFor you and you

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