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1 主系表 The flower is beautiful.2 主谓宾 I love you.3 主谓 Spring comes.4 主谓宾补 She cut her hair short.5 主谓宾宾 She bought her mother a present.6 谓主状 Here is my plan.

英语学习中的六种基本句型结构 英语的句式从表达形式上来看,形式多样且丰富多彩,但仔细观察后就不难发现,无论其怎样变化,它们大都基本保持了常见的六个句型结构.也就是说,绝大多数英语句子都是由这六个基本句式演变、衍生而

一:主语+谓语 The boy runs 二:主语+谓语(及物动词)+宾语 He likes apples 三:主语+谓语(及物动词)+间接宾语(人)+直接宾语(物) He sent me a book 四:主语+谓语(及物动词)+宾语+宾补 He showed me the

1 (the letter is from her son) 2(the man made this boy obey him)3(we study hard at English)4(she showed me a picture…

主系表:The tree grows green when spring comes. There be: There is a dictionary on the desk.

1. he is a student.2. the bus is coming.3. i have a nice t-shirt.4. she teaches us english.5. you can ask the policeman to help you.6. there is a big tree in front of my house.

S十V主谓结构S十V十F主系表结构S十V十O主谓宾结构S十V十O1十O2 主谓双宾结构S十V十O十C 主谓宾补结构说明:S=主语;V=谓语;P=表语;O=宾语;O1=间接宾语;O2=直接宾语;C=宾语补足语五个基本句式详细解释如下:1.S十V句

1. please come back as soon as possible. he came around to see me as soon as he checked in the hotel. they told us the news as soon as they got it.2.i don't think that he can solve the problem by himself. i don't think that ann is as mean as you. i

主语+谓语 I go 主语+谓语+宾语 I am a doctor 主语+系动词+表语 I am healthy.主语+谓语+直接宾语+间接宾语 I gave her a purse.(I gave a purse to her.) 主语+谓语+宾语+宾补 I asked him to help me.

have you learned tonight? 疑问句learning is a good thing 肯定句you didn't learn from the monkey 否定句learn from your puppy 命令句the spirit of that monkey had been learned by the promising leader 过去完成被动式no drug dealer is able to learn the formula without big money ! 双重否定句

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