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频度副词就是never seldom sometimes often usually always

Jack is a student in Grade 6,Class 5.He always gets up early,so he never lates for school.He studies very hard.He often helps other students.Teachers and classmates all like him.Sometimes heplays basketball with his friends.He likes playing basketball.He would like to be a basketball player.

In the previous weekend, I have done something interesting. In the Saturday I have go So, I have a great weekend. 蓉秀在上个周末,我做了一些有趣.在星期六,

I often go to school early, but never do I take a bus because it seldom reeches on time. Therefore I usually be late for school and the teacher often criticizes me for this.


My family I have a happy family.There are four people in it.They are my father,my mother,my brother and I .My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher.My brother and I are

My lifeI'm a student studying in a junior high school.Now I'd like to share how my life goes with you.No matter how sleepy I feel,I always do exercises in the morning.Then I usually have a big breakfast which gives me much energy.After that,I go to

i always eat vegetables, everyday i will eat a banana, and every evening i will drink milk, i will take exercise monthly, and i like it very much, so that i have a good physical condition.

程度副词修饰一个形容词或另一个副词,位于该形容词或副词之前. 例如:almost barely completely enough entirely fairly just much nearly only quite rather really so too very等.对程度副词提问,一般用how. 用来表示动作频率的副词,叫程度副词. 如:always usually often sometimes seldom hardly ever never等等. 对频度副词提问,一般用how often.

rather、quite、pretty、dramatically 戏剧性地 promisingly 充满希望地 gratefully 感激地, appreciatively 感激地赞地 unfortunately 不幸地

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