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nickelback唱的when we stand together 歌词里有一句 there is no giving in.(没有屈服,没有放弃)

tamas wells 的《 valder fields 》 绝对是相当经典我很喜欢■中文翻译■:i was found on the ground by the fountain at valder fields and was almost dry.人们在valder fields的喷泉旁发现了几乎快被太阳晒干的我 (也有人理解为是喷泉几乎干涸)lying in

Sometimes you feel he dont love youStrummin your pain with his finger nails to make it hurtSomtimes you feel he dont want youNo matter how you try he just dont seem to know your worthLike living in two seperate worlds at the same timeWith all

歌曲:i'll be there 歌手:westlife 专辑:coast to coast i'll be there [berry gordy hal davis willie hutch bob west] made by handsomeck ooh yeah you and i must make a pact we


Baby baby don't you ever let goMore and more until we both overflowGot a feeling that my heart's never knownI found loveTender kisses and I'm floating on airYou can have me anytime, anywhereWhen you need me I will always be thereI found

歌名就是i'll be there翻唱版本很多,最有名的应该是Mariah Carey 的版本,我也比较喜欢Jackson 5的版本

Yesterday - KDrewMy darling you don't,Know a single thing about my past,Cause if you did you'd hurt and run away without asking.So what you wanna know you don't wanna know(Cause it will break your heart).So do you really wanna go where you

Big Big World - emilia Big Big World - emiliaAlmost Over You - sheena easton Almost Over You - sheena eastonAs Long As You Love Me - backstreet boys As Long As You Love Me - backstreet boys Baby Onemore Time - Britney Baby Onemore

100首儿童英文歌(精选哦~~)第一部分1. A Bicycle built for two2.Animal fair3.Dixie4.Friends lullaby5.Home on the Range6.I am a policeman7.In the good, old summertime8.It ain`t gonna rain no more9.I've been working on the railroad10.Mary

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