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boom boom pow 黑眼豆豆的 歌词:发送歌词到手机 Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow Gotta get that Gotta get that Gotta get that Gotta get that that that, that that Boom boom boom (Gotta get that) Boom boom boom (Gotta get that) Boom...


rap god , Eminem的

很早的歌曲了,外国一个叫七小龙的乐队唱的,I never thought the dreams come true.

jay-z-_empire_state_of_mind(featuring_alicia_keys) Come on come on come on Yeah, Yeah, Imma up at Brooklyn, 我从布鲁克林起家 now Im down in Tribeca, 现在我在翠贝卡 right next to DeNiro, 紧靠德尼罗旁边 But i’ll be hood forever,...

有可能的 mr lonely-akon http://www.csisn.com/MrLonely.mp3 peerless-darin zanyar http://blog.mzsky.cc/music_upload/200811/ff265096cdd8a67d913b9bae79b166df.mp3 Young Jibbs - Does Your Chain Hang Low http://clan-gba.com/dj/jibbs/Y...

lighters!!! 那个翻唱的叫陈以桐!!

Look at me now - chirs brown Eminem - rap god

no no no the fat rat

Eminem 的 Love The Way You Lie 吗?

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