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Energy shortage is a very serious problem in the world. Many people worry that energy resources on the earth will be exhausted if we use them in an unchecked way. This, most people agree, will cause serious problems and even crisis and

my college life.i am really appreciate that i can go to college to study. i am in xx.i love college very much , i love my speciality construct. evey moring , i get up at 6:00am to preactice english , i think english is very important , then i will have breaskfast.

“家园只有一个,地球不能克隆”.是啊,地球是我们唯一的家,它哺育着大地万物,为人类无私的奉献!There is only one "home, the earth can't clone". Yes, the earth is our only home, it is nurturing the earth, all things for human's selfless

The earth's energy is gradually diminishing, people also face the deterioration of the environment, how to do?Save energy words.First of all, from the side with.Save every once electricity, save every drop. Don't litter, have the consciousness of

希望能帮到你 Save the Energy Resources Another round of energy crisis is knocking at the door in 2004,world oil consurnption reached a new record,causing oil price in the international market to skyrocket amazingly. As for China,it was reported

“健康和生命是现在国内外备受关注的话题,在和平时期随着人们生活生活水平的提高,人口的平均水平寿命大幅提高,由建国初期的55岁提高到现在的73岁. 作为一个医学工作者,我个人体会现在不管是社会、政府还是我们普通老百姓对于

There are still many problems of enviromental protection in recent years. One of the most serious problems is the serious pollution of air,water and soil. The polluted air does great harm to people's health. The polluted water causes diseases and

thousands of years ago, the enviornment on earth used to be so good that you'll think you are in the eden park. however, ever since the industrial revolution in the uk, the enviornment tured worse and worse due to many new machines that release

We need to reduce the using of cars and other motor machine.Ride bikes to work instead.Reduce the use of coal and petro,use the solar energy and wind blowing energy and water flowing energy instead.Use the clear energy in daily life.Make

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