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翻译英语 可否用ThErEBE句型

there be...”句型是存在句的常用基本结构,there在句中处于主语位置,起形式主语的作用,真正的主语是随后的名词词组.其谓语动词通常是be的各种时、体等形式.如: There is ice on the lake.湖上有冰. There were three students in the classroom ...

There be 句型是英语中常用句型, 意思是“有”,表示“人或事物的存在”或“某地有某物

There is my friend Jim.

How many ways are there to avoid risks? there are several ways to avoid the risk


路上到处是雨水英文翻译therebe ---- There is rain on the road. ----There is rain in the street.

I live on the second floor of a quiet community. My parents are both doctors and they work hard every day. I am a middle school student. I work hard at my study so I can always get good grades. I am friendly, kind, warm-hearted...

Happiness is to find someone who can give

你好翻译为答:There was a hospital at the end of the street 希望办好祝你

There are 2 photos on the wall.或There were 2 photos on the wall.(过去式),两个都可以 ps:be动词包括am is are was were等,具体由数量、时态决定 另外几位的回答不是很具体哦,解释地清楚一点提问者才会容易理解

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