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(1) Is he the man who/that wants to see you? 他就是想见你的人吗?(who/that在从句中作主语) (2) He is the man whom/ that I saw yesterday. 他就是我昨天见的那个人.(whom/that在从句中作宾语(3) They rushed over to help the man whose

(三)关系代词引导的定语从句 1.who指人,在从句中做主语 (1) The boys who are playing football are from Class One. (2) Yesterday I helped an old man who lost his way. 2. whom指人,在定语从句中充当宾语,常可省略. (1) Mr. Liu is

1 could you tell me the man who had just came in? 2 i have been cherished the memory of the time which you and i were together 3 this photo remind me of my grandfather who had passed away 4 i met an old friend who is out of connection for years 5 the knife, which is used to cut things

the person who is talking with tom is our enghlish teacher. the boy whose father is a teacher comes from amercian. star的回答欠考虑,他把定语从句放在amercian后面,意思变成父亲是老师的美国人.而第一句他自己加上主语she.,请问如何得知这位老师是女性呢? 芦苇的回答也是正确 的.没什么问题

1.we must find the person who stealed a bag. 2.you must tell me the reason why you did it in that way. 3.the teacher who teaches our English is John. 4.He is the man I met with yesterday. 5.His father died in the year when he was born. 6.This is the

1.The one who is talking with Tom is our English teacher. 2.The little boy whose father is a teacher comes from America.

Actions speak louder than words. 行动比言语更有说服力.(事实胜于雄辩.) (2)Better late than never. 迟做总比不做好.(3)Honesty is the best policy. 诚实总是上策.(4)The best fish are / swim near the bottom. 好鱼居水底.(有价值的东西

1:Those who don't study hard will not get a visa to the United States.2:The reason why she lovesme has given me a surprise.3:The place where we will go is in the southeast of the USA.4:If tomorrow is Christmas , we will have a party in the garden

1.He shows me the pictures that he just took. 2.This is the reason why I didn't told you the news. 3.Can you tell me the place where I can taste this snack? 4.We are living in the time when computers are used frequently. 5.This is our English textbook

1. I only choose children who are kind. 2. This time the classmates in our class who are called Wang failed in the exam. 3. I only watch the TV that I like 4. I live blue house 5. I don't consider that house whose price is over 500,000. 6. I want to buy a white iphone 4

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