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Szechuan Style outstands in Chinese Cuisine for spicy and pungency, and is internationally famous and widely accepted throughout the world. I would like to introduce two of the most typical to you, Kong Po Chicken and Hot & Spicy Shrimp.Kong

Sichuan cuisine By the late Qin and early Han period, Chuan cuisine had basically been established. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, it went through a rapid development. Then in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it had enjoyed a great

Regarding the issues on Sichuan dish, I would highly recommend a trip to Chengdu. Though it sounds a bit ridiculous, it is worthwhile. I have summarized three points for your visiting: 1. Chengdu is the city where you could have a chance to taste all

译成英语为:(三种) 1 sichuan cuisine 2 sichuan food 3 sichuan dishes

sechuan food is really spicy. 川菜非常辣. a: this is lovely. i think it's one of my favourite restaurants in beijing. a: 这里很可爱.我想这是我最喜欢的北京餐馆之一. b: yes, it's good. sichuan cuisine is really nice. b: 是的,是不错.川菜非常辣.

川菜:In chengdu, chongqing cuisine represented two local food materials, draw, specifications, distinct, bright and coordination. Sichuan cuisine in China as one of eight [1] in Chinese cooking, occupies an important position in the history, it dealt

Sichuan characteristics of diet 四川特色饮食 Boiled fish 水煮鱼 基本就这样了 你可以上网上找翻译的去

Szechuan cuisine, Szechwan cuisine, or Sichuan cuisine (Chinese: 四川菜) is a style of Chinese cuisine originating in the Sichuan Province of southwestern China famed for bold flavors, particularly the pungency and spiciness resulting from

with the great differences in the climate, geographical environment, and historical and cultural development of different regions, chinese cuisine culture is extensive and profound with unique characteristics. china has local cuisine, imperial dishes,

中国有八大菜系 鲁、川、粤、闽、苏、浙、湘、徽等菜系,即被人们常说的中国 “八大菜系”. 八大菜系的翻译 : 1.China's eight major schools of cooking 中国的八大菜系 2. eight Big cuisines of China 中国的八大菜系 而鲁菜、川菜、苏菜和粤菜 的翻译 常翻译成 Shandong Cuisine Sichuan Cuisine Huai-Yang Cuisine Chaozhou Cuisine 相关资料请参见 :http://www.english8848.net/bbs/showbbs.asp?bd=23&id=1335&totable=1

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